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Our Prestigious List of Certifications:

Brief Description of Lingustic Programme

No. Courses Objectives / Learning Outcomes

Debating Skills

Voice Works & Voice Training
The Art of Presentation Skills
The Art of Persuasive Speeches
The Art of Argumentative Speeches
Debating Skills
The Art of Public Speaking

  • To raise student confidence in speaking and performing in front of an audience.
  • Students should be able to use the right vocabulary to present their stand.
  • Students should be able to structure arguments and rebuttals in such a convincing manner.
  • At the end of the course, students will be more confident speakers

Storytelling Programme

Oral Communication
Introduction to Story Telling
Reader's Theatre
Creative Drama

  • To acquire good and effective communication skills as speakers and presenters
  • To develop confidence in each student when conducting story-telling
  • To develop effective story-telling techniques that exhibit expression and eloquence
  • To deliver stories with clarity, and with proper voice projection techniques
  • To learn and develop in a fun and safe yet educationally, creative, dramatic and stimulating manner
  • To provide a forum for the stimulation and development of the imagination, interpretation and reflection

English Literature Programme

Poetry Appreciation
Reader's Theatre
Theatre Works – Drama
Poetry Slam

  • Students will write short performance poetry
  • Students will develop their confidence through the performance of these poems.
  • Students to study theme & plot in detail.
  • Students to be taught character development in text
  • Students to look at accuracy of language used in context

English Language Bridging Programme

Basic Grammar and Syntax
Simple and Complex Sentence Construction
Vocabulary Building
Accurate use of Punctuation and Preposition
Close Reading Skills
Reasoning in English
Oral and Basic Presentation Skills
Essay Planning and Writing Skills (Expository, Narrative, Situational & Argumentative Writing)
Comprehension Skills
Paraphrasing Skills
Vocabulary Skills
Inferential Skills

  • To strengthen students' foundation in grammar and vocabulary.
  • To develop their ability to listen and speak English confidently in front of audience.
  • To strengthen students in their writing skills.
  • To strengthen students in their reading and comprehension skills
  • Demonstration of awareness of the language and structural features for essential text types
  • To help the students adapt to a new learning environment
  • To provide them with the opportunity to improve the English beyond the foreign language level
  • To facilitate learning that is student centered interactive and process oriented

Comprehension Skills

Comprehension Skills
The REDW (Read, Examine, Decide, Write)
The 5W1H Techniques
Thinking map

  • Reading for the main idea of a paragraph/story
  • Using the appropriate collation such as phrasal verbs
  • Using content words from the passage
  • Recognizing the type of genre, exposure to genres such as news report, information text, etc
  • Using the correct grammar item or vocabulary using synonym cloze, antonym cloze, grammar cloze, etc

Comprehension, Summary & Composition Skills

Comprehension Skills
Summary Writing Skills
Free Composition
Creative Writing Skills
English Grammar

  • Practical tips and strategies for answering comprehension questions effectively
  • Guidance and practice in answering both multiple-choice and open-ended comprehension questions
  • Direct instructions on how to correct common grammatical errors in their answers
  • Steps to writing effectively
  • To write descriptively with creative and exciting words and feelings
  • To improve their narrative writing skills
  • To organize ideas and build confidence when writing compositions

Public Speaking Workshop

Voice works and voice training
Presentation Skills
Speech craft -How to organize a speech
Audience Awareness
The Art of Public Speaking

  • Projection of voice
  • Usage of body language to present speeches with confidence
  • Tips on how to prepare simple but effective speeches
  • Acquire skills on speaking with confidence in front of an audience

Oral Communication Skills

Oral Communication Skills
Presentation Skills
Non Verbal Communication Symbols
The Art of Public Speaking
The Prep System

  • Competent and confident speakers.
  • Equipped with skills to improve voice works
  • Apply knowledge of non-verbals and body language when applied to presentations in class

Oral Presentation Workshop

Oral Communication Skills
Presentation Skills
The Art of Public Speaking
The Prep System
Project Work Oral Presentation

  • Developing expressive skills in reading, speaking and presenting
  • Show and tell, expressing feelings, ideas and experiences
  • Instilling manner and grace in social speaking and presentation
  • Teaching pupils to speak clearly and confidently
  • Guiding pupils on the finer art of interesting presentation

Phonics Enrichment

Oral Communication Skills
Basic Phonics
Choral Reading
Phonemic Emphasis and Awareness on Pronunciation

  • Effective and innovative strategies to provide pupils with an enriching experience that develops their phonics and reading skills - clear distinct enunciation in both reading and speech, reading and speaking with good tone and pace.
  • Pupils are to be able to perform choral recitation at the end the session

Creative Writing Workshop

Effective Narratives Writing
Effective Writing Techniques
Writing a Good Introduction
Thinking Map

  • To expose students to the conventions of narratives
  • To teach strategies for thinking about and appreciating texts
  • To teach drafting and editing techniques
  • To expand reading habits and vocabulary through lively and interesting texts

Expository Writing

Expository Writing
Story Writing Techniques
Situational Writing
Argumentative Writing
Vocabulary Skills

  • Understand the features of the two text types of discussion and argument
  • Identify the different textual features in terms of language and vocabulary requirements
  • Possess a repertoire of ways to begin and end a discussion or an argument text
  • Possess a range of vocabulary skills for their writing
  • Apply the skills by producing a piece of discussion or argumentative essay that will be graded