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Our Prestigious List of Certifications:

Mindpower Biz Solutions Pte Ltd

Mindpower Biz Solutions Pte Ltd is the Training Consultancy which offers a wide spectrum of lifeskills enrichment training programmes to enhance the working adults towards career prospects and advancement. Associated with Mindpower Innovations Pte Ltd, we have 13 profound years of experience in training and development. We present to you exciting training packages to all corporate clients for a total Training Needs Solution.


The PIC Scheme is the initiative of The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).

What is PIC?

The PIC scheme supports Investment in Innovations and Productivity. Businesses can enjoy huge tax savings in the form of cash payout or 400% Tax Deduction plus cash bonuses when you invest in Training of Employees.

You can claim PIC benefits on training courses to upgrade your employees.

Businesses that spend a minimum of $5,000 in PIC activities in a year will receive a dollar-for-dollar matching cash bonus. The bonus will be up to $15,000 over 3 Years of Assessment (YA2013 to YA2015).

PIC cash payout is 60% of your total expenses. In other words, you get 60% subsidy on any course you wish to subscribe to upgrade the skills of your employees or up to $100,000 Cash Payout per company.

The following are the courses that Mindpower Biz Solutions offer:-

1) Anger Management
2) Assertiveness and Self Confidence
3) Basic Bookkeeping
4) Budgets and Financial Reports
5) Business Succession Planning
6) Business Ethics
7) Business Etiquette
8) Business Writing
9) Call Centre Training
10) Change Management
11) Civility In The Workplace
12) Coaching and Mentoring
13) Communication and Strategies
14) Conflict Resolution
15) Creative Problem Solving
16) Critical Thinking
17) Customer Service
18) Emotional Intelligence
19) Employee Motivation
20) Employee Onboarding
21) Employee Recruitment
22) Facilitation Skills
23) Human Resource Management
24) Interpersonal Skills
25) Knowledge Management
26) Leadership and Influence
27) Measuring Results From Training
28) Media and Public Relations
29) Meeting Management
30) Middle Manager
31) Negotiation Skills
32) Overcoming Sales Objections
33) Oral English
34) Performance Management
35) Personal Productivity
36) Presentation Skills
37) Project Management
38) Proposal Writing
39) Public Speaking
40) Personal Grooming
41) Safety In The Workplace
42) Sales Fundamentals
43) Social Media
44) Stress Management
45) Talent Management
46) Teamwork And Team Building
47) Work-Life Balance
48) Workplace Diversity
49) Workplace Harassment
50) Workplace Violence

All courses can be customised to meet the needs of your company.

Please feel free to contact us at 64403764/64759100 (PIC TRAINING) for a non-obligation chat.