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Our Prestigious List of Certifications:



No. Courses Objectives / Learning Outcomes

Financial Literacy Workshop

Principles & Concepts of Financial Literacy
Basic Money Management & Financial Planning
Types & Sources of loans and credits
Understanding simple and compound Budgeting
Financial Decisions Insurance / Bonds/ Mutual Funds / Stocks and Shares

  • To create an awareness of the importance of financial planning such as budgeting, savings, investments at an early age.
  • To provide students with the opportunity to learn abstract concepts on financial literacy through experiential learning.
  • To provide simulated economic scenarios for students to apply their financial planning.
  • To allow students to experience the inter-relationship of some financial facets of the real world.

Career Planning & Development Workshop

DISC Profiling
A List Of Careers Available In The Marketplace & Description Of the Vocation
Career Pathway
Goal Setting
Interview Strategies & Resume Writing

  • Updates of latest job market changes and developments
  • Possible career options
  • Identification of personal strengths, weaknesses and personality types, personal objectives
  • Development of personal career plan Identification of career options consistent with personal values and personality type
  • Writing of effective personal statement for direct polytechnic admission / direct school admission
  • Preparation of personal portfolio for submission before interview
  • Making a positive impression at scholarship/direct polytechnic admission/job interview

Cyberwellness Workshop

Internet Addiction

  • Dangers with Cyber Contacts.
  • Dangers of online networking sites
  • Handling inappropriate content
  • Cyberbullying
  • Dangers of cyber-gaming
  • The Advantages of the Cyber world

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Workshop

Innovation & Enterprise
Social Entrepreneurship
Critical Thinking
Effective Communication & Brainstorming
Business Start-up

  • To inculcate the spirit of I & E in students and equip them with the necessary entrepreneurial skills to allow them to plan and develop a business in school. Students should be trained in aspects of ideation, innovation and entrepreneurship

Service Learning Workshop

Self Leadership
Servant Leadership
Service Learning
Problem Solving Skills
Self Esteem & Self Confidence
Effective Communication Skills
Interpersonal Relationship
Teambuilding & Group Dynamics
Facilitation Skills
Project Management Skills
The Winning Mindset

  • Students are aware of what Servant Leadership encompasses, and display a positive attitude towards it by being enthusiastic in serving the class, school etc.
  • Students are aware of what are the attributes of a leader.
  • Students are aware of the importance of Team Dynamics
  • Students are aware of the need to facilitate and manage project effectively

Social Etiquette & Personal Grooming Workshop

Personal Grooming
Body Language
Social Graces & Etiquette
Business Etiquette
Interview Skills
Dining Etiquette

  • To learn the process during etiquette and table mannerism
  • To instill greater awareness in pupils of the importance of social graces through an understanding of social etiquette
  • To acquire knowledge in personal grooming as well as to teach pupils the correct form of behavior for different occasions
  • To learn practical interview skills to prepare them for the workforce

Teambuilding Workshop

Self Leadership
Leadership Initiative
Team Building
Effective Team Roles
Effective Communication Skills
Interpersonal Relationship

  • To provide opportunities for the class to bond and get to know their classmates.
  • To bond the members through varied activities that help build their team spirit and unity.
  • To develop and increase mutual respect, support and trust during the session.
  • To serve as a platform to encourage students to accept challenges and to stretch beyond their perceived limits

Transitional Workshop For Sec One

Developing self awareness and Self Management
Coping with anxiety, fear and anger
Setting Goals
Managing Time
Understanding Peer support/ Peer Pressure/Bullying
Emotional Resilience
The Winning Mindset

  • Develop self awareness of their strengths and weaknesses to excel in secondary school life
  • Teach students life strategies to deal with the greater challenges, uncertainties and expectations in secondary school life
  • Develop winning relationships and handling peer pressure
  • Teach them to deal with a much greater workload by learning how to prioritize and manage their time and handle stress effectively
  • Learn how to set clear and achievable goals in academic areas and beyond
  • Instill effective study skills and study habits to cope with the increase workload

Study Skills Motivational Workshop

Motivational Skills
Self Esteem & Self Confidence
Effective Study Skills
Time Management
Stress Management
Note Taking
Speed Reading
Strategic Revision
Overcoming Procrastination
Decision Making
Interpersonal Communication
Examination Techniques
Memory Techniques
Better Family Bonding
Self Leadership
Spirit of Resilience
Winning Mindset

  • Enlightened with a purpose and a direction so as to set free to give of their very best
  • Recharged to perform
  • Empowered to break away from failure
  • Skilled in conquering their studies through applications of practical study skills
  • Imbued with mental strength to stay focused and energized
  • Create a culture of encouragement, affirmation and support
  • Learn how to manage and maximise your time
  • Understand the characteristics, strengths, weaknesses and fears of each personality
  • Discover characteristics of your study style; its related strengths, blind- spots and weaknesses

Motivational Workshop

Self Confidence & Self Esteem
Self-Awareness & Self Discipline
Motivational Skills
Set Realistic Study Goals
Effective Study Skills
Personal Mastery (Time Management)
Stress Management
Dreams & Success
Stay Focused & How to deal with failure
Memory Techniques
Examination Techniques
Improved Relations with friends and family
Spirit of Resilience

  • Self-motivation
  • Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Goals setting
  • Understand how the brain learns and brain ergonomics
  • Different Learning Styles
  • Examination Strategies

Intervention Programme For At Risk Students

1) Life Skills Programme

  • Knowing Myself
  • Understanding Myself
  • Expressing Myself
  • Basic Management
  • Interpersonal Communications
  • Personal Pursuit
  • Character Development

2) Sports, Games and Interest Based Skills Programme

3) Academic Programme

4) Service Learning Projects and Experiential Learning

5) Outdoor Experiential Training

  • Outdoor Experiential training [Immersion]
  • Life skills [Self-management, Relationship management]
  • Experiential Activities (with adventure elements)
  • Mentoring (during re-integration into class)
  • Study skills (Power memory, Speed reading)