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Our Prestigious List of Certifications:

TETRAMAP throughout the Courses

TETRAMAP – the nature of communication

"It is (TetraMap) about doing something now to improve communication, to explore new perspectives and to find holistic solutions to personal, workplace, community and global challenges."

[develop people and business the way nature intended]

TetraMap is a process that can also be understood through the Social-Emotional Learning Competencies:

  • - Self Awareness
  • - Self Management
  • - Social Awareness
  • - Relationship Management
  • - Responsible Decision-Making

TetraMap is a tool for exploring human nature. It is also a platform for learning to relate to one another. It is sustainable as it provides:

a firm foundation for understanding one's nature and the nature of others,

a framework for a working group to define their goals and create a compelling vision,

the processes to create and maintain high performance teamwork,

the positive approaches to improve community-service strategies.


The value of TetraMap lies in its application; approaching issues in life from at least 4 different perspectives, thus finding more holistic solutions to a problem.

Our workshops are focused on the application of TetraMap:

By Contextualising

By Shifting Mindsets

By Raising self- and team-esteem

By Engaging

Our workshops are enhanced through the TetraMap Approach to better engage, transform, and sustain positive changes in peoples' lives.

TetraThoughts Application

TetraThoughts is a process whereby individuals can share their reflections through the TetraMap model, and integrate learning with personal action-responses.

Participants, having gained from learning about TetraMap, will reflect upon:

  • 1) What I must do is…
  • 2) What I am clear about is…
  • 3) How I'm feeling is…
  • 4) What I envision is…

This is a powerful process that allows individuals to leave with a feeling of completion.

Application of TetraMap through Leadership Principles

In the words of Robert Greenleaf, " Servant-Leadership is a practical philosophy which supports people who choose to serve first, and then lead as a way of expanding service to individuals."

In other words, leadership is a relational concept.

Through TetraMap, our Leadership Initiative and Servant-Leadership components are greatly enhanced;

The components provide the framework for teaching students about leadership, TetraMap zooms in on the 'How'.

TetraMap provides the maps that every student-leader to-be can use to navigate their own spheres of influence, leading to a journey of the discovery of self and others.

Application of TetraMap through the Public Speaking component

In our Confident Presenters' and Public Speaking courses, we address the posture and preparation of the speaker and his or her speech.

TetraMap adds value by expanding the speaker's horizons to practise inclusivity in his or her delivery, opening up fresh and innovative ways of giving a speech.

This TetraMap approach helps the student-speaker to become more adept at engaging and relating to his or her audience, developing his or her own style of speaking effectively in front of an audience.

TetraMap thus empowers the student-speaker to become more effective at relating and communicating.